Currently, I’m one of the three partners in Aiwos BV. We build websites, online forms, and platforms for different national and international clients.

Study and previous work

I studied in Ede for primary school teacher and teached in group 8 (11 and 12 years old) at the W. G. van de Hulstschool in Utrecht (since 2018 named De Wereldwijzer). I also quickly became the IT coordinator, making the first school website.

After that, I got my MSc in Educational Science at Utrecht University, with a professionalization in e-learning and IT. In my thesis, I researched the effectiveness of collaborative working online to reach learning outcomes.

At the end of my study, I did my practical training with EC-VPL and afterward kept working there as a junior researcher. Later, I helped them to organize the two yearly VPL Biennale, which turned out to be quite a success.

From 2006 till 2010, I was a management assistant for the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs, directorate Lifelong Learning (projectdirectie Leren & Werken). In 2007, I did the final editing of the action plan Life Long Learning for 2008 – 2011.

In 2010, I started as project manager Education for the Dutch Reading & Writing Foundation. In the Week of Literacy, I organized a reading contest for 45 thousand Dutch primary school children, focused on the message to read at least 15 minutes per day (see the annual report).

Aiwos BV

Since 2013, I’m combining my interests in education, open-source software, e-learning, and entrepreneurship in the operating company Aiwos BV. Aiwos is a WordPress agency with expertise in Gravity Forms and Gravity Flow.

My holding (Pojechali BV) owns one-third of the shares. Поехали! is an informal Russian phrase freely translated as ‘Let’s go!’. In Dutch, you write Pojechali.

The other two partners in Aiwos BV are Jurriaan Koops (Kaldejo BV) and René Serier (Deugae BV).

We currently work for different national and international clients.


Working for Aiwos clients takes up most of our time, but when there is some space, we write tutorials about open-source software and develop our own plugins.

We think the experiences and tools we developed over time could be interesting for other developers.


Born in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, raised in Koudekerke, studied in Ede and Utrecht and now living in Gouda.

Enjoy doing voluntary work (Scouting), playing guitar (and Super Animal Royale as beterebeek), reading for fun Lee Child.

Contact me

You can contact me on LinkedInTwitterAiwos, or Skype.