Currently, I’m one of the three partners in Aiwos BV. We build websites, online forms, and platforms for different national and international clients.

That takes up most of our time, but when there is some time left, we write tutorials about open-source software and develop our own plugins.

Business nameAiwos
StreetPlateelstraat 1
Postal code2801 WH
CountryThe Netherlands
Company information Aiwos BV


We’re running Aiwos BV with three partners. Me, Jurriaan Koops, and René Serier. We all have our own BV owning one-third of Aiwos BV. Aiwos BV has 3000 shares currently, each BV owns 1000 shares.


My holding Pojechali BV owns one thousand of the three thousand shares in Aiwos BV. Pojechali! is an informal Russian phrase freely translated as ‘Let’s go!’. Just before the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to enter space, he said: Поехали!. In Dutch, you write Поехали as Pojechali, in English it’s usually written as poehali or poekhali.


The other founding partner in Aiwos BV is Jurriaan Koops, with his holding Kaldejo BV. Kaldejo is an Indo-European word (see A Grammar of Modern Indo-European) and means ‘Be experienced‘.


The third partner who officially joined in 2020 is René Serier, with his holding Deugae BV. Deugae means ‘Keep on going‘ or ‘Go for it!‘. In Dutch you would say ‘Doorgaan!’. Deugae is used in the dialect of the beautiful southwest province of the Netherlands: Zeeland. Fun fact: in 1643, Dutch cartographers named New Zealand (Nova Zeelandia) after the Dutch province of Zeeland.

Clients and future

We currently work for different national and international clients.

Besides the work for our clients, we’re working on an international strategy to share our knowledge and help other developers to build better tools based on the open-source software we use.

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