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On April 12, 1961, just before Yuri Gagarin entered the Vostok 1 capsule and became the first human to enter space, he said: Поехали! An informal Russian phrase freely translated as ‘Let’s go!’.

Yuri Smetanin and Yuri Gagarin (1963)

In Dutch, you write Поехали as Pojechali, and this is the name I chose for my holding. Be aware that you should pronounce the first ‘o’ as an ‘a’ in Russian. You say pajéchali.


I had the idea to create an old Sovjet poster with some essential elements to me in it, and that also could be used as the foundation of design choices for documents, invoices, and the website of pojechali.com (and .nl).

The poster is made by Anton Petrov.

It pictures my wife and me and contains different references, like voluntary work and learning, but also shows wonder and action. Anton used two photos, one of the moment my wife and I met for the first time and one when I proposed her to marry me. It’s all in the poster.

My wife, Ksenia van Beek, really liked the poster. Especially the learning part and the Sovjet style touched something.